Charity offers classes to help the intellectually disabled stay healthy and stimulated

By Arisa Lai and Julianna Wu

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Cathay Pacific Airways’ net profit up 5 times, despite revenue drop

Benefited from the falling international oil price, the company reports a 468% increase in net profit for the first half of 2015, though the company’s revenue dropped by 0.88%.

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, which includes Cathay Pacific and Dragonair, recorded a net profit of HK$1.97 billion and revenue of HK$50.4 billion by June 30, 2015.


Editorial: A real strong-country comes with press freedom

If China could raise the transparency in terms of news reporting and be more open to citizen journalism, her international status would have been honourably recognised.

Chinese journalist is pessimistic about the censorship of local media outlets. Mr Geoff Cutmore, a financial journalist for CNBC Europe, said, “when the explosion happened in Tianjin, the local television station, 24 hours after the explosion, still haven’t reported and was still running a variety show on their program.”


Validity under the fading traditional paper effigies craftmanship


Ms Cheng’s paper offerings in modern style, with remarkable details.

Some people choose to “deliver” goods through burning paper offerings to communicate with the dead.  With current domination of the mass manufactured paper offerings from mainland factories in the market, some younger craftsmen struggle to sustain the tradition by bringing new sparkles to the craft-making industry.

Burning joss paper into ashes is a traditional Chinese custom in which people believe that the dead could receive the obligations in the underworld and use them in afterlife.  However, the tradition now faces the risk of vanishing.

“Hopeless.  I feel there is no room for inheritance,” said a traditional paper offerings craftswoman, who has been working at the industry for over 50 years.


Old Landscape, New Business Model

GoodPoint, a four-storey heritage complex, is a lifestyle hub newly opened on February 12, 2015 after its revitalization. Operated by four social enterprises and community organizations, it is located in prime area of Flower Market in Prince Edward.

“With a French architecture design, GoodPoint is defined as a grade II historic building and it is managed by Hong Kong Council of Community Service (HKCSS) under the Heritage Preservation and Revitalization Scheme.” said Ms Tuet, HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre (HSBC SEBC) manager of HKCSS.


The Occupy Central Movement- What is Happening in Hong Kong

Occupy Central with Love and Peace is a civil disobedience movement which strikes for democracy in Hong Kong. The common ultimate goal would be striking for universal suffrage with international standard in electing the Chief Executive in 2017. Developing from the class boycott of tertiary students, key person Mr. Benny Tai, officially announced the start of Occupy Central on September 28. Tens of thousands of protesters have been occupying some main roads of Admiralty, nearby the government headquarters. Aiming to disperse the crowd, the police has been using pepper spray and tear gas in the following few days. One significant image of a man holding his umbrella to keep off from gas, gives inspiration to an alternate name to this movement, namely “Umbrella Revolution”. Later, the occupied area spread to Mong Kok and Causeway bay. Both the excessive force used by the police and unity among protesters have become hot topics worldwide.

1. Yellow ribbons, symbolizing the support of full democracy, are tied everywhere along Nathan Road.
2. Almost the entire Nathan Road is blocked. Without vehicles, the air pollution index in Mong Kok achieves the lowest among places in Hong Kong, which absolutely differs from normal days.
3. A father brings his daughter to the occupied area, giving opportunities for younger generations to experience in person.
4. Wong, over 80, was once a doctor in China before the Cultural Revolution in 1960s. By the time he reached Hong Kong when he was about 50, his doctor license was no longer valid. He could now only work as a cashier.
5. Drawings are being stuck on the wall of HSBC, bringing encouragement to the protesters.
6. A bus forms a democracy wall, providing a channel for individuals to voice out their feelings.
7. Another channel for individuals to express their feelings towards the demonstration, especially the government and political reform.
8. Non-centralized movement allows every volunteer to engage in the movement, like guiding other participants.
9. Numerous protesters sitting in to support the demonstration, while a protester even brings his dog to the crowd.
10. Unlimited resources are always being donated to the protesters, intending to establish a comfortable situation.
11. Supportive statements are written in various languages, encouraging the protesters in Hong Kong.
12. Two foreign ladies are distributing lovely heart-shaped yellow stickers, promoting the love and peace during Occupy Central.
13. Graphic showing the symbol of the movement and support for the Umbrella Revolution.
14. Main roads connecting Wan Chai and Admiralty have been blocked. Unstable weather condition is unable to deter protesters from standing out.
15. A yellow ribbon is wedged on a riot police in the promotion board outside the police headquarters, forming an ironic image.
16. Journalists working day and night to reveal latest news to the public.